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response to the protests was muted but in the 13 days since the obama administration, while stopping short of calling for president pew barack's immediate resignation, has pushed for an orderly transition to democracy. today in an interview with fox news's bill o'reilly president obama had this to say. >> that egypt is not going to go back to what it was. the egyptian people want freedom. they want free and fair elections. >> reporter: in a potentially explosive and rapidly changing situation, the president is trying to strike a balance. the administration is supporting the protestors demanding reform while also seeking to protect vital u.s. interests. >> it seems like of like a high wire artist where he has to walk a fine line between wantinging pew barack to go, but not going away that creates chaos. >> reporter: analysts say the stake kos not be higher. not only in egypt but throughout the middle east. >> what has happened in egypt has transformed the arab world. and the united states is going to have to fundamentally shift its foreign policy in a way that it has resisted for the past 2
the insult against president obama that cost some workers their job. >>> now to a story of your right to free speech at the office. you remember these pictures from last year? president obama is getting a firsthand look at what the gulf of mexico did to beaches. two employees at a private company in pittsburgh circulated an e-mail that showed president obama on the beach with a caption, and i quote, another tar ball washed up on the shore. a company fired those workers. now those exemployees are suing. they were simply expressing their views and wrongfully fired. >>> got a toyota sitting in your driveway? here is some welcome news. the government says those toyotas are safe. you remember all those recalls in the past couple of years. the transportation department just wrapped up a 10 month investigation into issues with run away cars, nasa engineers were asked to check it out and they found no electronic shows -- only the mechanical issues. >> and virginia, a new push to keep us off the phone when we're driving. one, would let police pull over and ticket anybody. the other would let drivers
not reach an agreement on a spending bill. president barack obama said if the fed freezes, the recovery will come to a halt as well. he is urging lawmakers to come together for the sake of americans and the economy. meanwhile, republican senator, rob portman is defending the $4 billion in cuts, saying his goal is to make sensible spending reductions to create more jobs. >>> now for more on the countdown to shut down, check out our special section on wusa9.com. it's all about the impact it could have on the washington region. click on the banner on the right side of our home page. >>> in honor of black history month, the national capital trollly museum is taking people on a ride taken by rosa parks. visitors boarded the back of a trollly car just like african americans were required to do before the montgomery busboy cot. segregation was the rule of the south. they are reliving history. >> the goal is to walk people through it. it's one thing to read about it in history books and part of the goal of the museum is to relive the history, so people get the feel for it. >> you know the sto
.n. is considering new sanctions and as joel brown reports, president obama is considering new ways to pressure gadaffi to end the violence. >> reporter: protestors chanted in the streets a city in northeastern libya where demonstrators claim to have gained control in their uprising against moammar gadhafi. >> reporter: a different picture in libya's capitol though. the revolt was crushed. most residents in the capitol are terrified to come out of their homes in retribution from gadaffi. >> my brothers and sisters are being killed. massacres are happening. people are dying. please help us. >> the suffering and blood shed is outrageous and unacceptable. so are threats and orders to shoot peaceful protestors. and further punish the people of libya. >> reporter: the white house steered clear calling out gadaffi by name. now the administration is considering sanctions if the crackdown continues. >> the entire world is watching. and we will coordinate our assistance and accountability measures with the international community. >> reporter: in gadaffi's defiant address tuesday he viewed to stay, figh
. and president obama is expected to speak tonight on the latest developments in that nation. >>> egyptians in this area are reactioning to news mubarak plans to step down. but anger continues. bruce johnson talked with lots of people on several fronts tonight about the rapid changes inside this country's biggest ally in the arab world. >> at the restaurant in arlington, from the owner to the patrons, most are egyptians, most are glad to hear hosni mubarak that he is leaving office in months. do you believe him? >> i believe he is in a situation where he has no choice and he has to leave. because is this the will of the millions of people. >> egyptians here point to the crowds in the streets of cairo. other observers say it was the obama administration and world community that persuaded mubarak that his 30 year reign was over. $1.55billion in u.s. foreign aid alone carries a lot o persuasion. >> mubarak will have to step aside. they are trying to ensure that a, it happens in a stable fashion, and b, when he steps aside, it's not simply him being replaced by someone from the military who
to a national security threat. the hacking incidents have not compromised trading. >>> president barack obama say americans have a shared responsibility to make this country a better place. weekly radio address, president obama says the government should make indivisible create a desirable business climate. companies have a duty to invest in the nation's future by keeping jobs here, and paying decent wages. >>> some washington caps stepped off the ice and on to the bowling lane today for a worthy cause. bowling with the caps took place around the corner from the verison center at the lucky strikes bowling lane. the event was a fundraiser for cancer survivor programs at va hospital center. >> this is a program to help them with writing a will with fertility issue, with going back to work after they went and survived cancer. >> everyone has been affected by cancer one way or another. i lost my mom and dr. walsh had a scare with it. the fact they can help take care of people after they beaten it is a great thing. >> he is referring to dr. christopher walsh. she is the caps team doctor. she wa
to a plan that president obama will sign next month the government runs out of money. the republicans want to slash $61 billion from this year's budget reducing money in programs from education to the e.p.a., but democrats say their proposal goes too far. >> we are not going to make it in america if we don't invest. >> we are looking at making cuts that are important and need to take place. >> and a sign of compromise today. the president won a vote in the house to kill a costly alternative engine for the pentagon fighter jets. >>> jerry connolly hoping the senate will get back on track the funding to the metro system. last night the house killed an amendment connolly propose. $50 million for metro. connolly says it makes no sense for lawmakers to neglect a transportation system so important to the federal government. >> 40% of the entire federal workforce uses metro every day to get to work. the biggest beneficiary frankly of the metro system in metropolitan washington is the federal government. >> connolly calls the house defeat a devastating blow to metro. >>> another sign of the times
pharmacy robberies in the last year across the nation. >>> the obama administration conceded today that it will not endorse the demands of egyptian protestors. those that want hosni mubarak to step down immediately. meanwhile, the google executive detained for 12 days for protesting against mubarak says he was behind the facebook page that helped spark the revolution of the youth of the internet. he was released today. the demonstrations weren't quite as heated and the crowds were smaller than last week. >>> police say the ceo of first mariner bank corp. did not get preferential treatment when officers found a loaded gun in his carry-on luggage at the airport. he was not arrested because the gun permit is valid and officers did not believe that he meant to cause any threat. he faces charges of interfering with security procedures and violating security regulations. he said he had a gun permit for 25 years and forgot he had it in his carry on. >>> ahead on 9news now, has pepco lost its right to a monopoly on delivering power in montgomery county? >>> schools in our area are facing m
a possible motive for the shooting. >>> president obama insists his spending plan for 2012 is the best way to move the country forward and help the economy recover. he went on the defensive today about his proposed $3.73 trillion budget for next year. the president says his mix of cuts and spending boosts is a down payment on the future. a down payment he claims will cut over a trillion dollars from the national debt over the next decade. >> i pledge to cut the deficit in half by the end of my first term. our budget meets that pledge and puts us on a path to pay for what we spend by the middle of the decade. >> republicans have been quick to reject the plan. they say the president's proposals add over a trillion and a half dollars to the deficit in just one year. >>> the president has presented a budget dripping in red ink. more red ink than we have ever seen in the history of the nation. >> we're broke. it's time for us to get serious about how we're spending the nation's money. >> house republicans are also leading a charge to slash $60 billion from this year's spending and they are
. president obama was in a meeting in the oval office when he got the word that hosni mubarak had stepped down and he watched on television some of the celebrations gripping cairo. >> the people of egypt have spoken and their voices have been heard and egypt will never be the same. >> reporter: events unfolded so fast the white house had to scramble to keep up. hosni mubarak was rumored to be resigning yesterday and demonstrators were furious when he said he wasn't leaving. the administration tried to walk a fine line supporting the demands for democracy but reluctant to abandon a key ally that gets over $1 billion of u.s. aid every year. protest leaders are looking to the future, thrilled with hosni mubarak's decision to leave but they say they are not leaving the square until democracy fully takes hold in their country. joel brown, cbs news, the white house. >> celebrations broke out beyond egypt. people took to the streets in lebanon and even in israel where some are concerned about what the changes mean for the future of the 1979 camp david accord. we spoke with area muslims as they headed
and it is not clear how much power they will really have. >>> back here in this country, president obama unveiled his budget plan for 2012 at a middle school in baltimore today. and here is some of what is on the chopping block. the budget would trim college grants and low income heating aid. it would raise upper income taxpayers and oil companies. the pentagon also took a hit. $78billion in projected savings over five years. the president called his proposal a down payment on deficit reduction and fiscal responsibility. republicans said it is a valentine's day card america doesn't want. >> it would be better doing nothing than pass this budget for the sake of our economy, for the sake of jobs. >> including high speed rail service, expanded wireless broad band access, biomedical research, clean energy, and electric vehicles. >>> ahead on 9news now. >> turning your body into a weapon and topper has your windy forecast. >>> yeah, i believe winds will be gusting to 50 miles per hour. the wind advisory covers most of the area. when we come back, we'll let you know when the winds will die down. >>> and
place tonight and one day after president obama said moammar qaddafi must leave the embattled leader said he's to the going anywhere, this as libya continues to become a tale of at least two governments. here's the latest. while qaddoff-- qaddafi forces has tripoli on lockdown, rebels have taken a town near triply. the u.n. imposed sanctions against libya and the u.s. navy has moved several ships into the red sea in preparation for possible moves into the mediterranean sea. we have a team of correspondents covering the battle for libya and we begin tonight with kelly cobiella in tripoli. >> reporter: good evening. the one thing qaddafi has going for him is control of tripoli. it was quiet again here today but there were reports his enemies had scored a victory close by. the government said it wasn't true. and they took us there to try to prove it. the town was heavily armed and guarded, to the by qaddafi's men but locals flying the country's old flag adopted by the rebels in the east. crowds of armed men greeted us in the town square showing posters with qaddafi's head on a rat's bod
this congress to repeal obama care >> against the working men and women of this nation. >> reporter: the president says he will veto the gop cuts meaning if both sides don't find a compromise by march 4th the government will shut down. on capitol hill, joel brown, 9news now. >> the social security administration is warning many of its workers if its budget is cut workers may by furloughed. it would cause the administrative budget by $125 million from current levels. more than 6300 people work at the social security administration's headquarters in baltimore county. >>> angry protestors once again took over wisconsin's capitol today. they are angry over their republican governor's proposed cuts and what they say is an attack on labor unions. meanwhile, democrats are still on the run in wisconsin avoiding state troopers today and they have threatened to stay in hiding for weeks to prevent a vote on the legislation. >> i think for most people in the middle class outside of government they understand what we are asking for is still a lot less than what most of our average taxpayers are
to the wave of political upheaval moving across the middle east. the obama administration becoming alarmed today. a key u.s. ally. protestors were driven out when police stormed a camp overnight. riot squads fired tear gas and rubber bullets while many protestors were asleep. at least four people were killed. more than 200 injured. the military warned it will take all necessary measures to keep the peace. >> we call on restraint from the government to keep its commitment to hold accountable those who have utilized excessive force against peaceful demonstrators. >> in libya, activists called today a day of range against omar kadafi. >>> agents arrested 11 people in nine cities on charges that they illegally build medicare. none of the suspects operated in our area. medicare fraud costs the government 60 to 90 billion each year. >>> lawmakers on capitol hill are breaking a sweat over the budget battle. republicans are going for deep cuts and they are not backing down. house speaker john baynor rejected an idea to pass a temporary spending plan without the cuts. the democrats say it isn't a q
of government programs. on the chopping block, every dime set aside by president barack obama's healthcare overhaul. >> the american people -- >> this is a travesty and to be lectured about what is a travesty is a travesty. that's the real travesty. >> the president says he'll detail the cuts. the entire federal government will shut down if they don't come up with a compromise. >>> still ahead, high winds whip through the area creating major damage. severe weather coverage continues. >>> and up next, pulling inspiration from egyptians. people taking to the streets to demand change tonight. never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. 60 miles compared to what a cancer patient goes through is a walk in the park. from the moment i registered, people started immediately supporting me and asking me how they could help. you meet the most wonderful, inspiring people. when you accomplish those 60 miles, it's truly life-changing. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. >>> in the mideast tonight, more
that are unhappy with president oh ma'am's obama's overhaul. allows states to submit their own plans, but not until 2017. the new proposal says states can offer up their plans three years earlier. >> starting tomorrow, it will be against federal law to have a synthetic marijuana in your possession, sometimes called k2. it has been widely available over the internet, but now the justice department added synthetic pot to the list of controlled substances. that will be banned. over the weekend, the virginia general assembly voted to outlaw synthetic marijuana as well as certain bath salteds that are snorted or smoked. >>> synthetic marijuana has turned up at the u.s. naval academy. in the past few weeks, the academy expelled eight for using or possessing the drug. and a school wide investigation is underway. before the justice department launched its crackdown, the pentagon banned synthetic marijuana. >>> up next, a local clinic breaking ground. it is the first to give stem cell therapy to dogs. we'll be back. we are the bonzulak family from wyckoff, new jersey south carolina's made for vacation i ha
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